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Past Presidents on Active Membership


Arturo Guerrero

Temps and Staffers, Inc.
Immediate Past President (2014 & 2015)




Sarah Deloraya

S.P. Deloraya Job Contracting & Consultancy Services, Inc. 
Past President  (2011 to 2013)


Rodolfo Enriquez 

 Triple E Manpower & General Services, Inc.
Past President   (2008-2009)


Atty.  Giovanni  Melgar 

Wizard Manpower and Allied Services Inc.
Past President (2006-2007)


Lilia Linda Ang

Skills and Talent Employment Pool, Inc.
Past President (2005)


Fermin Cunanan

Triple Star Staffing Center
Past President   (2003)


Deborah Centeno

Protemps, Inc

Past President   (2000)



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